Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pita Pizzas

It's lunch week & I am here to share a ChangeOne recipe with you.
Pita Pizzas!
Basically, you take a piece of whole wheat pita, spread 2 Tablespoons of tomato sauce, and add your toppings (being calorie conscious, of course). On this beauty I added deli ham, potato slices, and mozzarella (the healthiest cheese); finished off with garlic salt, chives, and Italian seasoning. It was legit.
Try it. Let me know how you like it!


  1. YUM! that sounds so delicious! I will have to try it. PS. I am working on the get to know you post for sugaraholics so don't ya worry :)

    1. Haha, its all good- I understand that you have other things going on in addition to my little assignment.