Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet Ashlee

"Hi, Ashlee!"
I've known Ash since our sophomore year of high school. In fact, she was one of the first friends I made when my family moved to Pleasant Grove. She was so sweet to me, especially when I was the new girl at young womens. We got engaged and married around the same time, too! She is also a blogger and you can find her here. She is a talented photographer, musician, and many other things. I am so grateful to call her a friend. Here she is!

Name: Ashlee de Baritault
Age: 19 (almost 20 thank you very much.)
Describe your addiction: Pop… I don’t much like sugar pop, but a diet coke really gets me.
3 foods you can’t live without: Potatoes, Meat, and anything chocolate.
3 foods you can live without: Peanut butter (is that a food?), Pickles, and Onions. Geeze I’m a condiment disliker.
Your healthy go-to food: Apples, or carrots. Both are quick to grab if you’re running out the door.
Your favorite way to work out: I love to run, but I’ve also grown to enjoy Zumba! There’s nothing like dancing around like a crazy person with a bunch of middle aged women.
Your least favorite way to work out: Mostly strength training. I do not like push-ups, squats, wall sits, planks, or any of that. Though, I do them because they are effective.
What is your current health/fitness goal: Right now I’m working on exercise becoming a regular routine, and making sure my food choices are better than they usually are. I want to lose at least 20 lbs. Not for the sake of being “Skinny,” but to be healthy. That’s extremely important to me right now, especially if I want to keep adding to my little family.
What is your biggest challenge when it comes to being healthy? Motivation. It’s so hard to stay motivated, especially when your life is really busy, and you are too tired to move once you’re done with the day. I also don’t get to see my husband a lot because we are so busy, so if he is home there is no way I want to leave him and exercise; which is why I usually will try to drag him on walks with me.
What motivates you? Seeing other people reach fitness goals. I’ve seen my mom and others accomplish so much and it is totally motivating, and reminds me that it is possible for me to do it too. That is why I love watching Biggest Loser. It’s completely motivating seeing the contestants who weigh a lot more than I do lose so much, and accomplish their fitness goals.
What are some of your big goals regarding health/fitness? I want to stop craving things that aren’t good for me. I want to only crave water, fruits, vegetables, and other things that are going to make me healthy, not sugary snacks, treats, or desserts that are going to make me gain weight. As I mentioned before I want to be able to lose 20 lbs. to be where I was when I was healthiest, it’s a very important goal to me, and I currently am motivated to get it done, even though motivation is what limits me.

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