Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo Food Diary

Today, I wanted to try a little experiment. Although I have been doing a lot better with my eating and being conscious of what I'm consuming (and how much); I've noticed that the snack monster comes along quite a bit.
Please enjoy the following culinary masterpieces.
"Breakfast": Egg whites on wheat toast, water, and ONE serving of Cocoa Krispys
"Lunch": Organic tomato soup, baby carrots, one serving of french onion Sunchips, water.

 2 Large bottles of water
We went to the movies: Popcorn and Diet Dr. Pepper
And....a few chocolates I had in my purse (4)
My final calorie count at the end of the day: 1180 (160 under my goal)

All in all...a pretty good day considering a late breakfast and lunch; always room for improvement!

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