Tuesday, April 17, 2012


4.21 miles in 55 minutes. Not bad if you ask a couch potato.

Happy Day! I have been to the gym the last 3 days in a row (well, excluding Sunday...but I don't count that as a "work out" day)! I have found that being registered to run in a race definitely motivates me to get my bum to the gym. I do not want to be dead last in a 5K....especially when my brothers (who are 13 and 9) run them.

My workouts have consisted of elliptical for 30-60 minutes and then a quick ab workout or water rowing session. Its been working good for me and I am feeling great!

I hope this sudden surge of motivation lasts!

How do you get your bum to the gym?


  1. you are amazing. i need to take a leaf out of your book. i need to get my butt back to the gym!

  2. Well, for me, it's about feeling good about myself. . . and I want to date a really attractive guy who runs a lot, so I want to get there too. For me, a race like a 5K is not a ton of motivation, but if a really attractive man was standing at the end of the treadmill holding a great dress, I'd run for that. Haha. Loved this post and way to go!