The Inspirations

These people are responsible for the intervention that started it all:

They loved me enough to tell me what I didn't want to hear.

Mom runs like the wind- in marathons, half marathons, and triathlons.
She has the self control to eat one cookie. Just one.
She teaches PE at Manilla Elementary.
Dad exercises despite physical limitations from a car accident when I was 5.
He mountain bikes and takes me on walks when I'm in town. 
He always asks how I'm feeling and if I'm taking care of myself. 
Just call me a daddy's girl.
Mom&Dad recently started on the Weight Watchers program, and have been successful so far. 
Chris is my loving husband- through thick and thin (literally).
He loves me, no matter what, and encourages me to do better.
He takes care of me when I don't take care of myself.
He lost 60 pounds on his own- without weight watchers or any other fancy system. 
He gets my lazy butt of the couch and to the gym as much as I allow him to.

Without them I'd still be in denial. 

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