Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meet Beka

"Hi, Beka!"
Miss Rebekah Arnesen is a dear friend of mine. She was such a great support to me when I first started blogging and when I started this new blog. I admire her guts out, which is why I asked her to guest post for me. I wish we lived in the same state so we could be yoga buddies! She is also on the blogosphere. Check her out.

"I’m not your average college student. I like adventure. I believe in doing things you have a passion for. I am trying to be more spontaneous. I love Disneyland, Costa Vida, and homemade oreos. I have my wedding planned out down to the food we are eating at the reception. Now I just need to find the guy! I love the summertime, the color yellow, and anything that has to do with getting wet. I swam for a couple years in high school and then gave it up to focus on music and science. I picked up running after my freshman year of college and have been running ever since.  I am an Exercise Science major at Brigham Young University. I love learning about the body and how it works in relation to exercise! After I graduate (in December!) I am going to leave Utah and do an accelerated nursing program. Afterwards I want to get my MPA and work with non-profit organizations. I am so excited the Melissa has started Sugaraholics Anonymous and flattered she wants me to “guest post.”
"I love food! Even beans and rice in Africa"

Name: Rebekah Arnesen
Age: 22
Describe your addiction: SUGAR
3 foods you can’t live without: ice cream, peanut butter, fruit
3 foods you can live without:  chocolate, mushrooms, tofu
Your healthy go-to food: fruit- especially frozen- it’s like candy, but without the sugar
Your favorite way to work out: running, weight lifting, yoga
Your least favorite way to work out:  hmmmm I don’t love elliptical machines but they are okay.
What is your current health/fitness goal:  finish the 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge this month. Start running outside again now that it is getting warmer! Less snacking.
What is your biggest challenge when it comes to being healthy? Motivation to workout—I do a lot better if I have someone to go workout with. Emotional/bored eating—I eat when I am sad or when I am bored, usually they are not healthy foods either.
What motivates you? My grandpa—he started running at the age of 50 and has done tons of marathons. I ran a half marathon with him last year and it was great. He makes me want to be as in shape as he is (he is 78 and still running)!  Health related disease I see in my family is also a huge motivator. Not that anyone in my family is completely unhealthy, but I have seen the consequences of minimal physical activity and eating what is easy instead of what is healthy. Also, I want to feel totally confident in my own body. I’m not working out to be skinny, but I want to know that I am doing everything to become a stronger woman. Strong women can do amazing things.

What are some of your big goals regarding health/fitness?  Run a marathon (my first) in September of this year. Eat healthy consistently, while not depriving myself. I want to also pick up biking and re-pick up swimming. Maybe do triathalons. I want to run at least 1 race per year (and more when I have the money).

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  1. yay! i love this! i am so proud to be featured on your blog :)