Sunday, February 26, 2012

ChangeOne: Week 1

First of all, some background on ChangeOne; Its a diet book my mom recommended to me as a starting point to change my diet--- I don't really know exactly how much of what I'm supposed to eat. How much protein? Carbs? This diet plan is based around changing one thing a week; this method prevents you from becoming overwhelmed by trying to change everything all at once.
"Imagine a psychologist who expects depressed patients to be happy after one visit. Or a language teacher who announces on the first day of class that students will be able to speak French the next day. It sounds laughable because making a significant change takes time; new skills require practice. Yet instant change is what most diets ask for."
Isn't that the truth? I am not here to drop weight fast and then be done. This is the only time I want to go through this process...I am trying to make life changes, so I am going to be thorough. I would be cheating myself if I didn't take the time to do this right.
Week 1: Breakfast (Roughly 300 Calories)
Basic Menu:
1 grain or starch (a cup of cereal, a slice of toast, or a roll)
1 dairy or high calcium food (a cup of milk or a cup of yogurt)
1 fruit (or equivalent amount of melon/berries)

The good news: I'm mostly already doing this with my grapefruit and cheerios. I think this will be a good starter week to get me in the swing of things.

[A few more things for those of you interested in doing this with me...ChangeOne recommends you weigh yourself only once a week, especially women. Weight fluctuates a lot and you will actually be able to see progress better if you aren't weighing in too often. Also, use the same scale and choose the same time of day; keep a log.
If you struggle with motivation/enthusiasm make a reference sheet of the obstacles you anticipate and the benefits you intend to enjoy from your changes. Then, think of ways you can get around your obstacles. I will be doing this tomorrow, on Day 1 of ChangeOne.]

Good luck!

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