Thursday, February 23, 2012


Welcome to the 1st official Sugaraholics Anonymous meeting. I genuinely thank you for being here with me today. This blog came about as a result of 2 things:
1. A reality check in the form of an intervention by my loving family.
2. An outpouring of overwhelming support from Walk With Me... readers.
I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such caring, compassionate people. Making the changes that I want to make is going to be a lot easier with help. I can't wait to start and see where this takes me- I started making some changes 3 days ago and I'm already seeing a difference.

The name "Sugaraholics Anonymous" started off as a joke; I thought I was pretty funny when I put it in one of my other blogs' post. For some reason, I couldn't get it out of my head. I thought about all of the people I know that are struggling with the same things that I am. I wish that I could organize real SA meetings; that we could all sit in a circle and share our struggles. I wish we could all be there together, cheering each other on at the gym or at home. Lets be honest, that would be completely awesome and this is the closest thing I can think of.

I know that there are many of you out there that have more experience and are more practiced in this area than I am....Please, please, please share your knowledge with me! I want to know what has and hasn't worked for you; recipes, tricks of the trade, exercise plans, quotes, all things motivational welcome.

Well, here goes nothing...stick around for the ride!


  1. yay! i am so excited you are doing this! i think it will be great to start a community of people trying to be healthy and change their lifestyle :)